+ [2017-01-15T03:23:08Z] allejo just make sure your HTML references your custom one or make sure you overload it :)
+ [2017-01-15T03:24:30Z] singh yeah now its workingg
+ [2017-01-15T03:24:43Z] singh do u have a github account
+ [2017-01-15T03:27:55Z] allejo me? yea it's allejo
+ [2017-01-15T03:32:18Z] singh gonna sleep, byee byee

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Posted by singh in #jekyll at 2017-01-15T03:32:18Z

gonna sleep, byee byee
+ [2017-01-16T11:25:44Z] Gagan Is there anyone I can talk to?
+ [2017-01-16T21:49:52Z] halon what do you use to manage a jekyll blog? somethink lie octopress?
+ [2017-01-16T22:06:50Z] parsnip halon: hmm? what do you mean? i edit the markdown files.
+ [2017-01-17T00:13:59Z] jaybe you can just create files, as needed, and re-render :)
+ [2017-01-17T16:25:18Z] travis-ci jekyll/classifier-reborn#307 The build passed. https://travis-ci.org/jekyll/classifier-reborn/builds/192739245