+ [2016-10-03T17:40:20Z] eszett_chatzilla allejo: thanks. its weird it say "0 byte" there, though there are lotsa files in my repo
+ [2016-10-03T17:42:40Z] gynter it's probably not updated in real time
+ [2016-10-03T19:13:26Z] Remram What's the best name for the 'contributor friendly' label for my project?
+ [2016-10-03T19:13:33Z] Remram people use all kinds of variations

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Posted by Remram in #github at 2016-10-03T19:13:33Z

people use all kinds of variations
+ [2016-10-04T06:07:04Z] gh-status [Red] Major service outage.
+ [2016-10-04T06:15:08Z] p3lim dat outage
+ [2016-10-04T06:16:15Z] allejo panics internally
+ [2016-10-04T06:17:31Z] txdv the end is near
+ [2016-10-04T06:17:49Z] superguest Right when I about to do some work...