+ [2016-12-07T21:45:11Z] allejo not without a plugin at least
+ [2016-12-07T21:48:28Z] allejo https://github.com/jekyll/jekyll/issues/4746
+ [2016-12-07T21:48:29Z] jekyllrb Title: ERB as a template engine option? · Issue #4746 · jekyll/jekyll · GitHub (at github.com)
+ [2016-12-07T22:44:26Z] ragmaanir do converters chain? like when my ErbConverter writes a file with .md or .markdown extension, does the markdown converter kick in?

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Posted by ragmaanir in #jekyll at 2016-12-07T21:28:59Z

can i use ERB in the markdown files?
+ [2016-12-08T15:19:58Z] tolusha Is any way open site build by jekyll without jekyll itself?
+ [2016-12-08T15:19:58Z] tolusha Hello.
+ [2016-12-08T15:19:58Z] tolusha I mean, I want to pack site into docs.war and deploy into Tomcat and have access to site via htpp://localhost/docs
+ [2016-12-08T15:22:14Z] allejo Jekyll outputs static html. So it can put anywhere
+ [2016-12-08T16:14:15Z] jaybe tolusha, jekyll outputs, by default, ./_site