+ [2017-01-17T20:16:10Z] kira I got this warning: Build Warning: Layout 'default' requested in docs/index.html does not exist.
+ [2017-01-17T20:17:02Z] kira nvm.
+ [2017-01-17T20:17:07Z] kira I got a thing to try out first.
+ [2017-01-17T20:18:06Z] kira my problem was initiating jekyll outside of the jekyll generated directory
+ [2017-01-17T20:18:30Z] kira Hence, the build warning.

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Posted by jaybe in #jekyll at 2017-01-17T00:13:59Z

you can just create files, as needed, and re-render :)
+ [2017-01-18T08:25:34Z] oxinabox I am a bit stuck
+ [2017-01-18T08:26:03Z] oxinabox I can't work out why, when I have a `.svg` under my posts directory it is renamed to have the `.html` extension.
+ [2017-01-18T08:26:24Z] oxinabox when my site is served and it is move to the `_site` folder.
+ [2017-01-18T08:27:42Z] allejo don't put an SVG inside a folder dedicated to containing just posts
+ [2017-01-18T08:27:43Z] oxinabox and it is breaking all my images.