+ [2016-06-03T22:32:10Z] unholycrab its owned by ME, not some organization im a part of
+ [2016-06-03T22:33:50Z] unholycrab i dont even have access to change the settings for that oranization

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Posted by unholycrab in #github at 2016-06-03T22:35:09Z

what in hte fuck
+ [2016-06-04T17:10:27Z] zzookk Hello guys. What the hell. I created repo, uploaded some files, push them, on github pages my static index page works correctly. But when i edit it nothing on page happens. I have only master brunch
+ [2016-06-04T17:25:10Z] jhass zzookk: link?
+ [2016-06-04T17:26:41Z] zzookk jhass: minute pls. i deleted repo and now uploading again
+ [2016-06-04T17:34:46Z] zzookk jhass: same situation(( http://eparticipation.github.io/index.html and https://github.com/eparticipation/eparticipation.github.io/blob/master/index.html differences must to be in title and "11111..." in the and of page.
+ [2016-06-04T17:35:42Z] jhass I'd give it at least 10 minutes