+ [2021-09-29T14:28:30Z] jaybe mooperd: more info
+ [2021-09-29T14:29:04Z] jaybe {{ content | inspect }}
+ [2021-09-30T08:49:06Z] ccapndave Hey everyone - I'm very new to Jekyll plugins, but I'm trying to write a custom sorting filter and can't figure out how to get a property of the posts I'm trying to sort.
+ [2021-09-30T08:49:33Z] ccapndave {% assign portfolios2 = site.categories.portfolio | my_sort %}
+ [2021-09-30T08:49:56Z] ccapndave Then `def my_sort(input)` gets a string, but I need to get a field (the date) of the post so that I can sort it correctly

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Posted by ccapndave in #jekyll at 2021-09-30T08:49:33Z

{% assign portfolios2 = site.categories.portfolio | my_sort %}
+ [2021-10-04T20:43:54Z] jaybe allejo: had a chance to play with fsnotes?
+ [2021-10-05T07:03:49Z] allejo jaybe: I did! I liked it but was sad about the lack of Windows support :(
+ [2021-10-05T17:14:26Z] jaybe allejo: ah yah - that’s right - mac only can be a real issue for cross platform folks. fair point.
+ [2021-10-05T18:11:44Z] allejo yea :(
+ [2021-10-05T18:12:18Z] allejo I'd rather not have an entirely separate tool for my work notes. more for me to manage