+ [2013-08-30T15:54:13Z] crashx no idea ?
+ [2013-08-30T16:05:53Z] Ge0rG crashx: yes you need
+ [2013-08-30T16:07:06Z] Ge0rG crashx: it needs to be in the plugins/ dir
+ [2013-08-30T16:47:00Z] pontiki i wonder if crashx knows that solarize is only used for codeblocks
+ [2013-08-30T23:56:33Z] alexvpopov Hi everyone, can I ask a question regarding Octopuss and GitHub pages? :)

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Posted by pontiki in #octopress at 2013-08-30T01:40:26Z

the once and future someone
+ [2013-09-05T19:11:39Z] BrantB Hi! I'm having a bit of trouble setting things up with rbenv. I ran `rbenv install 1.9.3-p0` like the getting started guide said, but any further ruby commands result in rbenv complaining that "version '1.9.3' is not installed".
+ [2013-09-05T19:12:27Z] BrantB and if I try `rbenv install 1.9.3` it asks for a specific patch revision.
+ [2013-09-05T19:12:55Z] BrantB Obviously I've never done anything with ruby before or else I'd know what's going on here...
+ [2013-09-05T19:13:45Z] BrantB rbenv and ruby-build are the latest versions from Homebrew as of half an hour ago.
+ [2013-09-05T19:20:34Z] jaybe BrantB, if using homebrew, perhaps consider skipping rbenv altogether and just use `brew switch`. rbenv is kind of a pig.