+ [2016-12-13T11:40:08Z] sucode_ sonOfRa: how to do that
+ [2016-12-13T13:36:14Z] Ben_1 hi
+ [2016-12-13T13:37:09Z] Ben_1 my local repo was connected with a not real existing email address, now I changed it to an existing one. Is there a way to connect all my previous commits in github to the new email adress?
+ [2016-12-13T13:41:18Z] tobiasvl Ben_1: only by rewriting the history of the repo

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Posted by sucode_ in #github at 2016-12-13T11:40:08Z

sonOfRa: how to do that
+ [2016-12-14T02:36:51Z] malinoff hi, how can a repo owner push commits into my fork (in a branch I created for PR)? I'm pretty sure I didn't give anyone write access
+ [2016-12-14T03:06:48Z] malinoff alright, found https://help.github.com/articles/allowing-changes-to-a-pull-request-branch-created-from-a-fork/
+ [2016-12-14T05:16:37Z] PlagueRat Okay... there is an opensource project on github that is nice... I likes it. However, I want to add a few features. How do I do that? More importantly, once I fork off my own version, is there a mechanism that facilitates other people's changes being included into my version ? I have never used github before (except as source)
+ [2016-12-14T09:59:59Z] dknight87 hi guys, I want to get the top 10 biggest Pull Requests by size in my private github org. How can I achieve this in python and the github api? Please advise.
+ [2016-12-14T10:12:08Z] canton7 dknight87, start off with a definition of "biggest"