+ [2017-01-12T22:45:13Z] allejo pkill9, nope needs frontmatter. that's jekyll's thing
+ [2017-01-12T22:57:48Z] pkill9 allejo: posts don't need frontmatter though
+ [2017-01-12T23:01:53Z] allejo oh wow, i never knew that
+ [2017-01-12T23:39:27Z] jaybe markdown only in _posts/ with no frontmatter renders? heh
+ [2017-01-12T23:39:31Z] jaybe don't think i realized that either

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Posted by allejo in #jekyll at 2017-01-12T23:01:53Z

oh wow, i never knew that
+ [2017-01-13T03:11:19Z] cwkx i'm new to jekyll and really like the theme of jekyllrb.com - is this something we can use in our own blogs?
+ [2017-01-13T03:19:16Z] jekyllrb (jekyllrb.com) (#1) http://jekyllrb.com/, or (#2) https://github.com/jekyll/jekyll/tree/master/docs
+ [2017-01-13T03:19:16Z] allejo the license for [[ jekyllrb.com ]] is MIT, same as the project. so i don't see why you couldn't use it provided you respect the license
+ [2017-01-13T03:23:15Z] cwkx amazing, thanks
+ [2017-01-13T14:27:40Z] pockets does anyone have any idea off the top of their head why relative_url might not be working?