+ [2013-08-28T01:06:11Z] kalib ok, thanks anyway.
+ [2013-08-28T02:39:51Z] jaybe heh that was awesome
+ [2013-08-29T15:19:29Z] sethi hi
+ [2013-08-29T15:19:50Z] sethi is there someone?
+ [2013-08-29T15:48:26Z] jaybe there was indeed, someone.

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Posted by jaybe in #octopress at 2013-08-29T15:48:26Z

there was indeed, someone.
+ [2013-08-30T01:40:26Z] pontiki the once and future someone
+ [2013-08-30T07:02:09Z] matt2 Can anyone here answer a rbenv question for me? I'm trying to get Octopress installed and I'm stuck.
+ [2013-08-30T07:03:07Z] matt2 I followed the documentation at octopress.org/docs/setup/rbenv/ and everything worked until I reached the end and it said to run ruby --version.
+ [2013-08-30T07:03:52Z] matt2 When I run that I get rbenv: ruby: command not found. The `ruby' command exists in these Ruby versions: 1.9.3-p0
+ [2013-08-30T07:04:40Z] matt2 Maybe a commend is missing from the documentation? I'm going to start goolging for rbenv docs but I was hoping someone here might know how to fix this.