+ [2017-02-07T15:25:51Z] AdmiralBumbleBee aha... I had to create my own link tag like <a href="{% post_url %}#anchor">stuff</a>
+ [2017-02-07T15:35:10Z] dblakemore Have I come to the right place to get some help reconsiling the behavior of my jekyll plugin with vanilla liquid, or should I just suck it up and wait for a stack overflow answer?
+ [2017-02-07T15:44:19Z] allejo not many plugin devs here from my experience
+ [2017-02-07T15:45:25Z] dblakemore Hmm. I guess I'll scour stackoverflow/github for a while and then ask.

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Posted by AdmiralBumbleBee in #jekyll at 2017-02-07T15:25:57Z

that worked, thanks AdmiralBumbleBee
+ [2017-02-08T06:41:32Z] cbx33 Is the theme used for the main jekyll site available to use as a base template?
+ [2017-02-08T14:22:44Z] marrenarre Hi. I have a Sass stylesheet that begins with two lines of "---", making it a page. However, I don't really think of it as a traditional page in the sense that, for example, I'm not going to link to it in my navigation.
+ [2017-02-08T14:23:17Z] marrenarre I'm trying to render my navigation by iterating through site.pages, but this includes the stylesheet. What would be the best/easiest way to ignore unintended files?
+ [2017-02-08T14:24:03Z] captn3m0_ Is it inside a directory that starts with a _?
+ [2017-02-08T14:24:23Z] marrenarre No, it's "main.sass" in the root directory.